Making the way we care smarter, easier, and more rewarding.

Whether you support a loved one due to age, disability, or a medical condition, we can help you discover a better way forward that prioritizes their care and your own well-being.

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Support for every caregiver


Caring for a loved one who is aging comes with a unique set of challenges. We can guide you through Medicare, senior living options, a new Alzheimer’s diagnosis, shifting family dynamics, and more to save you precious time and energy.


If you have a child or another loved one with a disability, we help you find the right care, get academic support, and make the best decisions for your loved one and your family.

Medical Conditions

Whether supporting a partner through cancer treatment or a friend after an accident, we help navigate hospital discharge and recovery, so you can focus on what matters.

Our Care Guide team

Our Care Guides are credentialed social workers with years of experience in aging, disabilities, and caregiving. Their insights and compassion are the power behind Homethrive’s expert resources, and they are also available to work one-on-one with members to help with more complex situations and provide emotional support.

How we help

Our intuitive online platform delivers personalized advice, coaching and assistance from compassionate experts. Here are a few examples of how we can help:

Personalized Resources

On-demand access to hundreds of articles, videos and podcasts on caregiving topics.

Time-Saving Features

Chat live with our experts to ask questions and get help.


Track your loved ones’ or you own medications and easily share lists with your care circle.

Smart Journal

Share your thoughts and feelings and receive suggestions for personalized content in real time.

Products & Services

Receive recommendations for products and services based on insurance coverage, location, and your unique needs.

Care Circles

Invite friends and family to your circle to give them access to Homethrive’s resources alongside you.

Download our brochure to see all the ways we can help:

From our members

Support for every situation

No matter your unique situation, we can help you discover ways to save precious time and energy.


Helped make her mom’s home safer.

Olivia used Homethrive’s fall safety checklist to learn if her mother was at risk of falling and what home modifications could help her stay more independent.


Provided suggestions to involve siblings in his dad’s care.

Tom and his siblings connected with an expert Care Guide to make a caregiving plan that identified how each could best contribute to their dad’s care needs.


Found her daughter a great therapist.

Marta submitted a request for an occupational therapist who works with kids with Down syndrome, and received a curated list of recommendations based on her location and insurance coverage.


Who can use Homethrive?

You and any of your family members can access Homethrive. Whether you’re a long-distance caregiver, your mom takes care of your grandparents, or an aging loved one wants to plan for their own future, Homethrive is available for the whole family.

How do I sign up for Homethrive?

Visit and use your work email or registration code. 

What does Homethrive cost?

Signing up for Homethrive is available to you and your family at no cost!

Do I need to install an app to use Homethrive?

No, Homethrive can be accessed from any computer, phone, or tablet with just a web browser at

Does my employer, association, or insurance plan offer Homethrive?

There are three ways to check whether you have access to Homethrive:
    1. Use your work email to sign up and automatically confirm your eligibility.
    2. Ask your human resources or member benefits representative if they offer the Homethrive benefit.
    3. Email us at [email protected] and let us know how you heard about us. We can help check whether you might have access.