Welcome to Homethrive’s Virtual Companionship Program

This program is provided at no cost to you through your Cigna HealthcareSM plan. If you are looking to stay more socially connected as you age, call the number below to get started.

(844) 343-8714 (TTY 711)
Monday - Friday
8am-5pm local time

What we offer

Virtual Companions

Connect with you regularly by phone to provide companionship, share virtual events and local volunteer opportunities and recommend household services based on your needs.

Virtual Events

Participate in a wide variety of virtual social events such as book clubs, virtual museum tours, storytelling discussions and more.

Household Services

Virtual Companions can research transportation and meal delivery services and provide you with home safety options that can help you maintain your independence.

A helping hand when you need it

Our team of Virtual Companions helps you stay healthier and more independent as you age. Whether you need a compassionate listener, ideas for local social events, or transportation to a medical appointment, our team is here to support you. As part of your Cigna Healthcare plan, you have 30 or 60* hours available each year. Virtual Companions are available to connect with you seven days a week from 9am - 7pm local time.

Ready to learn more?

Just call (844) 343-8714 (TTY 711) between 8am-5pm local time Monday-Friday to confirm this benefit is offered on your Cigna Healthcare Medicare Advantage plan and learn more about this program. If you are eligible, you can schedule a welcome call with a Virtual Companion who can help you get started on the path to meaningful social connections from the comfort of your home and in your local community.

*Check your Cigna Healthcare Medicare Advantage plan documents for benefit details.