Dari by Homethrive:
An employee benefit that supports caregivers

Introducing Dari, an exclusive, one-of-a-kind employee benefit that enhances productivity and well-being for those caring for a loved one who is aging or has special needs

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Dari: A single benefit with unlimited capabilities

Dari offers your team exclusive access to:

  • Personalized resources tailored to each employee’s unique needs
  • Valuable live chat and curated recommendations
  • Compassionate one-on-one Care Guide support, if and when it's needed

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How does Dari support caregivers?

Dari is our proprietary family caregiving solution that unites the best of two powerful forces:  

  • Dari Digital Assistant, which provides personalized coaching, navigation & resources available at your employees’ fingertips, 24/7
  • Dari Dedicated, which offers one-on-one support from an expert Care Guide for the employee and their family

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What is a Care Guide?

Our Care Guides are the elder care, aging, and special needs experts that power Dari.

These professionals have enjoyed years of experience helping employees and their families navigate challenging situations.


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Dari's personalized resources

Dari's valuable insights on aging and caregiving can’t be found anywhere else.

With Dari, your employees can access hundreds of articles, podcasts, and videos, accessible directly through their web browser! Dari’s resources are tailored to each employee’s individual situation, providing the information they need the most.

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Dari's live chat and recommendations

Your employees' questions = answered!

On their smart phones, tablets, laptops, or desktop computers, your employees can connect with our Care Guides to receive:

  • Answers tailored to individual family situations
  • Recommendations for relevant products, services, or care options
  • Emotional support and guidance for navigating family dynamics

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Dari Dedicated support

Sometimes, educational resources and live chat just aren't enough.

If a situation escalates, progresses, or becomes more complex, employees may benefit from one-on-one support. That’s when working with a Dari Dedicated Care Guide can be the best solution.

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How your employees access Dari 

Simple access to a web browser is all your employees need to access Dari. Whether they complete Dari's quick and easy login process via a smart phone, tablet, or computer, they'll immediately gain access to Dari's vast resources.

In other words, your employees don’t need to download a special app. 

Learn more about how caregiving impacts employers and how Dari by Homethrive can support your organization. 

Hear from employers like you:


If you get an opportunity to hear about this product, take the time. Listen, and then think about how it could help people that are going through some tough times, if not the most painful time of their life.

Watching loved ones age and you know, become ill, is very tough. But this resource can help your team tremendously.


I believe that companies have been good, maybe even great, over the past couple of decades at providing policies and programs to support child caregiving needs, but have neglected the needs of those caring for aging loved ones. 

It is time we change that.


If you can impact one employee by giving them that 10 hours of their life back, they can now become more productive. You can't put a dollar value to that.

In the universe of benefit programs, you can offer anything these days, and we're very selective about what we offer. I'm glad Homethrive is one of those things.


The service is invaluable to our employees who take advantage. I've seen it reduce their stress and increase happiness as their parent gets assistance.

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